SPONSORED: 60 seconds with Lee Ison

02 Jul 2019

Aesthetics spends 60 seconds with director of Springpharm Lee Ison.

Who are Springpharm?

We are a family owned and run independent pharmacy chain based in the Midlands with more than 50 years’ experience. Our background stretches back through multiple generations and locations and, in recent years, we have taken a gradual step into the aesthetics sector, hoping to bring with us our cornerstones of operation, which is evidence-based practice and patient priority.

How will you become a more familiar name in medical aesthetics?

Springpharm is growing more rapidly than we ever expected. We have a strong emphasis on personable service and good customer support and when you match that with good prices and fast delivery we have the basic winning formula already. It’s important to note however, that we are striving to be more than just a ‘box it up and ship it out’ pharmacy.

You talk a lot about game-changing, what makes Springpharm so different?

Aesthetics is a very difficult field in the UK and we feel it’s only right that while medical professionals are fighting to raise standards we should also do our part in the pharmaceutical sector to help. Springpharm never loses sight of the end user, which ultimately is the patient whom we all have a duty of care towards, not just the practitioner.

With this in mind, we are introducing support channels for our practitioners so they can offer their patients the best care and results. At present, we are developing a series of in-house aesthetic workshops for our clients, which will be held in our very own brand new clinical space, which is also available to use as a consultation or treatment room. We have made links with professional aesthetic association PIAPA who provide education and guidance for practitioners, and along with other pharmacy colleagues we hope to also provide informational materials for better prescribing and consultation.

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