Unveiling the CoolSculpting Elite

12 Apr 2021

An exclusive Q&A with UK & Ireland national sales manager Dan Parry on the newest CoolSculpting innovation

Please tell us a bit more about you and your involvement at Allergan Aesthetics and CoolSculpting?

I have been working with Allergan Aesthetics for many years and I took over responsibility for CoolSculpting in 2018 when we purchased the business from Zeltiq. Since then, we have built the UK team and offer support for all our CoolSculpting customers.

The business is going from strength to strength and we continually strive to improve what we do, especially now as our customers continue to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Dan Parry, CoolSculpting National Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland 

How do you see the body contouring market progressing in the future?

We know that excess body fat is a major concern for patients looking for an aesthetic treatment. This is true if you ask either men or women and we see that reflected not only in our own research but also more widely.

We see CoolSculpting as the leading brand1 in this sector and we are committed to offering high-quality treatments to our clinics and their patients.

We also know that the concerns about excess body fat cover many areas of the body from the abdomen and flanks to the arms, back and thighs.

As such, the body contouring market is significant, and we see it continuing to grow over the coming years.

What is so exciting about the CoolSculpting Elite?

Our new CoolSculpting Elite system builds on our existing great technology and represents the next generation in cryolipolysis treatments. CoolSculpting Elite was designed from the ground up in the UK and is a new system, including a more powerful chiller. This enables the same accurate and consistent cooling but across dual applicators, completing twice the number of treatments in the same amount of time.

Together with this we are offering seven newly designed applicators, which have been designed to be lighter, compact but deliver more tissue coverage. The new shape of the applicators helps to improve fit and comfort during tissue draw.

CoolSculpting Elite is an exciting new product that builds on our leading position and heritage to offer our customers and patients cutting-edge technology. We have designed this next generation system to give patients and clinicians enhanced capability for years to come!

Can you give us some interesting insights as to what took place behind the scenes to accomplish the CoolSculpting Elite launch?

Our goal is always to bring the most suitable products to market for our customers and patients. Therefore, CoolSculpting Elite has been many years in development. By combining our legacy of expertise, our decades of experience and our ambitious vision, we have created a world leading1 body shaping experience.

We started by trying to understand what really matters to our customers and their patients when using CoolSculpting in their clinic. There were many developments, both large and small, all of which are designed to offer a better experience.

The design team was based in the UK and what we have with CoolSculpting Elite is a completely redesigned system. We kept many of the core technologies, which has made our original system so successful. These features included the Safety Freeze Detect and Cool Control which monitor and allow for consistent and effective cooling have been retained, but supported by a completely redesigned chiller which can power the dual heads and the new range of applicators.

The system is more compact and lighter and incorporates removable applicator heads with a simple applicator for easier storage. The feedback from customers means that in between treatments the cleaning and set up of the system was quicker and easier.

We also listened to our customers and reduced the number of consumables needed to perform a treatment. An example of this was moving to a modern single universal card system to cut down the amount of inventory a clinic needed to hold. This provided a modern and user-friendly interface which made using the system easier.

How will the CoolSculpting Elite benefit both patients and practitioners?

The CoolSculpting Elite relies on our core technology and experience in the fat freezing cryolipolysis sector, backed by 11 years’ experience and more than 60 peer reviewed clinical papers.2,3 The CoolSculpting Elite builds on this by offering a number of benefits to the practitioner and patient. It provides the opportunity for a streamlined workflow and the ability to offer double the number of treatments in the same amount of time, allowing a quicker turnaround for both patients and clinics.

Additionally, CoolSculpting Elite offers new applicators allowing for a wider range of treatment options as well as being lighter and with detachable applicator heads. This means that a practitioner will find the system easier to use and has the opportunity to treat more tissue. Using dual heads mean that twice the number of treatments can be conducted in the same amount of time.

The new applicators are up to 58% lighter, with 3D contour C-shaped cups. These are engineered to complement the body’s natural curves and to improve fit and comfort during tissue draw.4,5,6

What’s your top tips for practitioners to successfully promote the new CoolSculpting Elite to patients?

As we have said, excess fat is a big concern for many patients. As a result, potential patients are often bombarded by multiple options. The key to promotion is all about professional patient education to allow them to make an informed choice.

Therefore, we always try to educate patients to select a treatment that has proven efficacy, is backed by solid scientific data and one that has been shown to be tolerated and effective.7

We always encourage patients to discuss their concerns with a qualified medical professional within an aesthetic clinic environment. I think a practitioner should focus on explaining why CoolSculpting is the appropriate treatment for their patients by outlining the heritage, evidence, and results.

As well as this, practitioners should clearly explain their range of experience and expertise. This would allow a patient to make an informed decision based on good evidence and through talking with an experienced practitioner.

For patients concerned with excess fat, CoolSculpting could be the solution to helping them achieve their goals!

What support is Allergan Aesthetics going to provide to practitioners?

All our customers, if they have our original CoolSculpting system or CoolSculpting Elite system will receive the same support.

We have a team of Practice Development Managers whose goal is to support our customers in getting the most from their system. This ranges from basic training in using the system to how to attract and communicate with potential patients.

We will continue to support customers with all relevant materials needed to make CoolSculpting a success within their practice. This could include access to a wide range of digital assets or in-clinic materials.

What’s in store for the future of CoolSculpting?

We aim to continually evolve our offering in body contouring. CoolSculpting Elite is our next step in this evolution and I’m sure this will continue so that we can serve the needs of our customers and patients.

We are very excited to bring CoolSculpting Elite to the UK. As the creator, we see it as ushering in a new level of body contouring as a whole new experience. Based on extensive feedback from patients and physicians, CoolSculpting Elite offers improvements that will multiply their possibilities.   

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