Advertorial: A Career at the Forefront of Innovation

As Prollenium acquires aesthetic leaders SoftFil CEO Dr Sandrine Sebban explores what this means for the industry

How has the dermal filler landscape changed?

I have seen a lot of changes since I began working in aesthetics in 1998. Things were simple back then; we had two fillers – collagen and hyaluronic acid – and our tools were needles. Slowly, the industry evolved and created different types of HA – classic for all indications and one that was viscous for volumisation in 2004. Practitioners were disappointed because at the time we knew needles weren’t the right tool to inject with, so I used a cannula and decided to work with the industry to launch a range of micro cannulas. In 2009 I created SoftFil and the ‘soft filling’ technique which allows for one insertion point.

You launched the STOP facial ageing method with the one point technique, can you describe it?

To avoid trauma, bruises and pain we use only one injection point, inject at different levels and across a large area. It was new, safer, less invasive and a more comfortable method. We created a lifting effect in the skin by covering a large area superficially. The insertion point is chosen strategically for safety, away from any danger points. This was developed into an award-winning method called ‘soft filling’. With one insertion point different filler products can be used – it’s revolutionary. The STOP facial ageing method involves two steps of injection – one deep and one superficial. We can also add a third layer of skin boosters for skin quality.

How have SoftFil cannulas impacted the industry and what are their benefits?

As HAs were evolving, so were the tools! Viscous products were created as it was deemed safe to inject with the cannulas that we developed. SoftFil has 23 different cannula lengths for the face and body, suitable for beginners and experts. They contain markers to help locate the tip (graduations), have the roundest tip on the market with a balance between rigidity and flexibility. It’s easier to slide into the fat as the steel is silicone-coated. A red dot indicates where the product will emerge. We have the award-winning EasyGuide pre-hole needle, a patented device to insert the cannula in a single action.

Which of your innovations are you most proud of?

I am very proud of my recent innovation Topilase – a topical hyaluronidase. It was launched abroad last year, and doctors have been trying it and have been amazed at the results. Hyaluronidase can cause allergies and people are worried about using it as it can create holes in the tissue – I wanted a topical product for this reason. There is a limited risk of an allergic reaction as it is not injected, so there are no side effects! Topilase makes it easy to remove any unwanted HA. It’s won three awards and I’m proud as it took five years to develop. It can take a few minutes to work depending on how recent the product was injected but typically it’s usually three sessions once a week for optimal results.

Prollenium recently acquired SoftFil. What does this mean for the brand and why do you feel Prollenium’s filler Revanesse and SoftFil are perfect partners?

Prollenium is building a strong aesthetic empire. SoftFil is designed to push the borders of innovation to achieve beautiful, precise but importantly safe results. Prollenium’s products are revolutionary and perfect partners for us as we share the same values and vision.

Revanesse’s safety profile is impressive, and its unique qualities make it a filler of the future. I like things committed to innovation and improving the aesthetics industry. I have been using Revanesse dermal fillers in my clinic in Paris and I’ve become addicted to using them. My favourite is Revanesse Kiss combined with my 25 gauge EasyGuide cannula to treat the perioral region. I couldn’t believe the results – virtually zero swelling and beautifully crisp results.

What’s next for yourself and the brands?

I’m always thinking about the next step to help aesthetics evolve. I am working on a new method for injecting the face and neck with only one insertion point and I’m actively training injectors globally. I love innovation and training – the two influence each other. Also, continuing to see patients allows me to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Prollenium | One of The Fastest Growing Dermal Filler Companies

Prollenium Medical Technologies was founded in 2002 as a distributor of aesthetic lasers and thereafter pivoted to dermal fillers. In 2008, Prollenium made the move to bring all research and development in-house with the goal of developing its own advanced HA formulation. In 2011, Prollenium opened the first manufacturing facility for HA dermal fillers in North America to ensure that its products adhered to the highest quality standards. Prollenium remains the only manufacturer of HA dermal fillers in North America, now operating out of two state of the art manufacturing facilities. To this day each syringe is still individually inspected for quality assurance before leaving the facility. Prollenium now sells its dermal filler products around the world and is one of the few companies to obtain US FDA approval.

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