Advertorial: Introducing NEW Profhilo Body

From face to body, all of IBSA Derma’s expertise with hyaluronic acid are in the new PROFHILO BODY KIT: an all-round approach for treating skin laxity on the body

Developed by IBSA Derma, the NEW Profhilo Body kit presents an all-round approach from face to body, counteracting skin laxity, improving surface hydration and elasticity.

Backed by an expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine and in the production of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, IBSA Derma identify and address an increased demand for body treatments, equal to those devoted to the face.

In today’s aesthetic medicine market, the face and body have seemingly different weights of importance: the face is the area that absorbs most of the time and investment. In fact, according to a recent survey* conducted by IBSA Derma on a panel of experts and patients, the time dedicated to aesthetic treatments is divided about 80% spent on treating the face, while only the remaining 20% is dedicated to the body.

Although the skin on the body is equally susceptible to chrono-ageing and photo-ageing, patients tend to focus their attention mainly to the face. The decision to treat the body only comes ‘later’, making this market from ‘prevention’ to ‘correction’ an already evident concern.

The development of the Profhilo Body Kit for specifically treating body areas has been driven by practitioners who wish to also offer patients non-invasive body treatments to enhance authentic beauty, as well as meet the demand from existing Profhilo patients to treat skin laxity beyond the face and neck areas. In addition, alongside the launch and increased availability of new aesthetic body energy and advanced technology devices for patients, there has been an increase in demand for non-surgical treatments to address skin laxity.

IBSA Derma wants to promote a better balance between face and body, encouraging both practitioners and patients to take better care of the body. To achieve this, IBSA Derma have designed a complete approach offering a new way of caring that combines in-clinic injectable treatments with home cosmetic treatments, with clinically tested efficacy to help maintain the results obtained.

Profhilo Body is the ONLY injectable treatment on the market specifically designed for the treatment of body skin laxity

Dr Preema Vig commented, “There has been a growing demand for Profhilo treatments in my practice and many of my patients regularly have treatments to their face, neck and décolletage. The launch of Profhilo Body complements the energy-based body device treatments we offer at Dr Preema London clinic as skin laxity often required addressing after body sculpting treatments. I was delighted to be invited to generate case studies as part of the launch of the new Profhilo Body and have been able to treat a selection of patients with excellent treatment outcome. The inclusion of the post injectable in-clinic sheet mask and home-use topical body cream creates a regime for patients between their treatments and maximises the final results – especially on dryer and thinner skin areas.”

Dr Alex Parys added, “Patients recognise and trust the Profhilo name, and over the last few years we have seen the demand for Profhilo treatments extend beyond the face to the neck, décolletage and even parts of the body such as arms, knees, and abdomen. The Profhilo Body kit offers a complete treatment for patients to maximise results.”

To provide further support to practitioners, IBSA Derma designed a ‘photographic laxity scale’ for the inner arms, a useful tool for practitioner-patient dialogue that will facilitate assessing the level of laxity and therefore the type of outcome to be expected. In addition, it is recommended for practitioners to use the BODY BAP stencil to mark out the areas to be treated for easier application. Two stencils are provided with each Profhilo Body Kit.

IBSA Derma wants to promote a better balance between face and body, with a targeted innovative product, encouraging both practitioners and patients to take better care of the body because for IBSA Derma “Each one of us is a Masterpiece.”

Profhilo Body Kit contains 


2 x 3ml syringe (3.2% – 96mg/3ml)

The ONLY injectable treatment on the market specifically designed for the treatment of body skin laxity and is particularly recommended for the brachial area and abdomen. 

Profhilo Body is characterised by high and low molecular weight Stable Cooperative Hybrid Complexes (HCC) of high concentration ultrapure hyaluronic acid, produced using a unique and innovative thermal production process patented by IBSA, the NAHYCO Technology.

The efficacy of PROFHILO BODY on mild to moderate skin laxity and roughness of the abdomen and inner arm has been clinically proven***.

PROFHILO FIGURA BODY PATCH (pack of 4 patches in a single sachet)

Created to soothe and moisturise the skin of various areas of the body following aesthetic treatments, the

Profhilo Figura Body Patch contains high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, salvia haenkei – a patented plant extract with strong antioxidant properties, arnica montana – to soothe and provide relief, escin – to prevent excessive accumulation of liquids that can lead to the formation of oedemas and PINEAPPLE extract – to restore the skin’s natural condition.

A clinical study has shown an increase of 33% in skin hydration and a decrease of 11% in skin irritation within an hour of use.

PROFHILO FIGURA BODY CREAM (150ml airless bottle)

This multi-active modelling and firming cream restores tone and elasticity whilst providing deep hydration. Formulated with a complex of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids in high concentration and Matrixyl 3000, the combination of two peptides promotes tissue re-modelling and helps restore the vitality of cellular functions.

A clinical study has shown increased skin hydration (+42%), elasticity (R2 +6% and R5 +9%) and an improvement in skin firmness (52%) 28 days following start of treatment. Patients’ self-assessment ranged from very good to excellent on a number of efficacy metrics, including hydration (100%), elasticity (100%) and firmness (87%).

About Profhilo

Award winning Profhilo is the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid based product for treating skin laxity. With the highest concentration of HA on the market it is not only boosting and hydrating the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue with stimulation of collagen and elastin. Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetic treatments currently on offer.

About IBSA Derma

Scientific knowledge, continued research, technological development and modern production processes, retain IBSA Derma as a market leader in hyaluronic acid as they control the entire product life cycle of their HA, from the biofermentation raw material production to the finished product in pre-filled syringes.

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