Advertorial: The Spherical Revolution

24 Sep 2021

REVANESSE shakes up the UK dermal filler market

You may have heard the rumours, there’s a new HA filler in town, and it’s already making waves. Brought to the market by Canadian powerhouse Prollenium, REVANESSE is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is causing a stir. In fact, it’s boldly taking its seat at the table alongside the big boys of the pharmaceutical world by flying in aesthetics heavyweight Dr Arthur Swift to be the keynote speaker for its official launch at CCR this October.

The brand is also making the bold decision to have a nurse-led injector faculty with trailblazing nurse prescriber Sharon Bennett at the helm. With such big names behind it, it’s no wonder tongues are already wagging about REVANESSE. But isn’t it just another hyaluronic acid (HA) filler?

Not just another HA filler

We all know that HA fillers are nothing new. They have been a staple of the global aesthetics market since the early days, and the industry has been inundated with products, some of which have come and gone overnight, some of which have stayed the course. So, what’s so different about REVANESSE, and why does Prollenium think it’s got what it takes to stand side by side with the HA goliaths?

Canadian-made and FDA-approved REVANESSE has already become a big player in the US and Canada, where REVANESSE has revolutionised the aesthetics market with its unique formula, commitment to high-quality ingredients, and innovative manufacturing technique.1

The main selling points of this ground-breaking filler are focused on safety, performance and service. The company believes, first and foremost, that you should never have to compromise patient safety for performance. They strive for better, never settle, and encourage their injectors to do the same. The state-of-the-art dermal filler has spherical particles and is prized for its smooth, beautiful results that perform throughout the lifecycle in the skin.


Smooth Spheres provide a favourable safety profile. They are biocompatible due to their shape and low levels of modification, reducing irritation, pain and swelling.3,4 Spheres also typically have a smaller surface area. Inflammatory reactions are more pronounced for irregular shapes particles or those with more surface area.3 In one clinical study, the incidence of swelling was 51% higher with the comparator.2 REVANESSE undergoes a purification process that removes floating BDDE and impurities resulting in a clean product and reduced irritation. It's tried and tested with more than three million syringes used worldwide. It also has reduced inflammation and immune response.


Smooth spheres, less inflammation,2,3 more volume.5 A multi-centre, double blind clinical study found REVANESSE used 10% less mean volume to augment both lips than the comparator.5 REVANESSE also comes in a 1.2ml syringe, so goes even further still, that’s more fill for your ml. More is more, and going the extra mile for your patient creates loyal and loud brand advocates. REVANESSE combines a high concentration of high molecular weight HA with low levels of BDDE at specific temperatures. It’s then wet milled and sieved to produce, not only spherical particles, but also a uniformly cross-linked gel that degrades in the skin at a uniform rate. Each product is designed meticulously for the indication and injection depth. Unique to REVANESSE, specific amounts of non-crosslinked HA are added to hydrate the different gels creating different rheological combinations.


Prollenium is a fast-evolving business with the goal of providing the best aesthetic product and service in the world. Rising through the ranks in 80 countries, Prollenium embodies values of innovation, commitment to ethics and transparency, passion and family, seeing its customers as part of its extended family.

The company prides itself on the level of support it provides its customers. It is feedback-driven and invests in education, in-clinic support, and ongoing R&D to ensure it is always providing the best products.

Meet the products 

REVANESSE is the only cross-linked HA dermal fillers that are made in North America. Prollenium’s manufacturing facility is located just north of Toronto and is among a select few dermal filler companies to receive FDA approval within the US. The REVANESSE range includes four products with different sphere sizes to address multiple indications.

REVANESSE KISS: (25mg/ml cross-linked HA) with a low lift capacity and small particle size to enhance the vermillion lip and submucosal tissue. To be injected into the superficial to the mid dermis. Key indications: Lips and perioral lines.

REVANESSE ULTRA: (25mg/ml cross-linked HA) with a moderate lift capacity to fill and lift in the mid-to-deep dermis. Key indications: Lips, nasolabial folds, marionette, and temples.

REVANESSE CONTOUR: (25mg/ml cross-linked HA) with a moderate/high lift capacity to lift and volumise in the deep dermis-to-subcutaneous layers. Key indications: Cheeks, chin, jawline and temples.

REVANESSE SHAPE: (25mg/ml cross-linked HA) with a very high lift capacity to volumise and give projection in the supra-periosteum. Key indications: Cheeks, chin and jawline. 

REVANESSE is for injectors with flair, injectors who see injecting as an art form and live to sculpt mid-face masterpieces and craft sumptuous kissable lips. The end goal? Natural looking and long-lasting results. REVANESSE is focused on natural results, providing the perfect balance between smoothness and volume. The spherical particle shape of the filler is also developed to be accepted by the body and break down slowly over time.

Led by nurses

The UK is seen as a mature market in aesthetics. Unregulated practitioners are rising and with that injector and product complications too. Prollenium UK are proud to be advised by British nurses who always have their finger on the pulse and understand the market in granular detail. They want to inspire practitioners to never compromise between safety and performance. The nurse advisory group will help support Prollenium to empower British nurses to unleash their true injectable potential and join the #injectorsoftherevolution. It will be the first dermal filler brand to use an entirely nurse-led advisory group.

“REVANESSE is certainly making an impact and a welcome addition to my portfolio”, says aesthetic nurse practitioner and director of Harrogate Aesthetics, Sharon Bennett, an early adopter of the product. “Safety and performance are key for me. The fact that REVANESSE has received FDA approval in the US gives me reassurance that it is a safe and reliable product.” She adds, “In clinic, I have been delighted with the results, as have my patients. The uniqueness of the spherical particles makes for a smooth, comfortable injection with low inflammation. I’m loving SHAPE for defined cheekbones and ULTRA for the lips. Plus, there is a generous 1.2ml in each syringe.”


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