Advertorial: Working with GetHarley

15 Jun 2022

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Kam Lally explains why he has partnered with GetHarley and why others should join the digital skincare platform

What first attracted you to partnering with GetHarley?

It’s unique concept. Some of my colleagues and trusted friends were early adopters, and when I spoke to them about the service, they spoke very highly of GetHarley.

I said ‘what’s the catch?’ But that’s the beauty of GetHarley, there is no catch.

It’s a service that saves you time. I’ve always felt I never had time to focus on skincare. As the practitioner, you broach the topic of skincare with your patients and have an initial conversation, but then you can pass the baton on to GetHarley when they leave – who send them the selected skincare plan, instructions, details and products. They also deal with all the communications, logistics and essential initial handholding. I also have multiple clinic locations. I didn’t want lots of stock sitting in clinics and I didn’t want to have to delegate someone to follow up with patients for repeat sales. I also appreciate different skin brands have different strengths, but I didn’t want to invest in inventory for each brand.

That’s the beauty of having a digital shelf – you can add products from multiple brands without any additional cost to you; unlike an actual shelf in your clinic, which always incurs an initial inventory cost.

How were you selling skincare before GetHarley and how does that differ now?

I might be quite an unusual case, but I didn’t sell skincare at all before partnering with GetHarley. I advised my patients what to buy and referred them to colleagues for medical-grade skincare. But other than that, I didn’t think it was worth my time to go through skincare plans in detail and explain each product. Therefore, I would refer them elsewhere and spend my time with them on higher ROI treatments (for example, injectables).

I am more motivated about my patients’ skin now and enthusiastically recommend tailored skincare regimens.

By working with GetHarley, I make more ‘passive’ income from skincare sales, feel more connected to my patients and am keeping my patients within my own business!

What were your customer touchpoints and how have these changed since joining GetHarley?

If I had sold skincare before partnering with GetHarley, my clinic team would have had to check in with patients at two weeks, four weeks, six weeks and eight weeks, which is overwhelming! Alternatively, by working with GetHarley, you technically have less touchpoints yet the patient feels as though their touchpoints with me have increased!

Why do you think people should join GetHarley?

I would ask, why wouldn’t you join GetHarley? Join GetHarley and see what you lose out on. You won’t. You will only gain.

GetHarley picks up the slack! It reduces your skincare workload by a significant amount. You can use the online consultation service and fit that around your clinic hours.

What are your top tips for getting good results with the platform and concierge service?

I’ve made all of my consultations include the concept of a skincare concierge. The patient develops buy-in and trust with you as a practitioner, and then I explain about the GetHarley service.

I always say to my patients – ‘GetHarley is not about sales, the service is not about selling. The team are there to support and guide you and help you to get the best from your skincare regimen, and if needed, they can connect you to me.’

Once you phrase it like that, and they realise that the concierge service is for them – to optimise their plan and get the most from their investment – they are more than happy to buy-in to the service.

Now I am offering everything in-house, patients are better engaged, comply better with their treatments and skincare and are noticing their results. That is what it is all about.

We sometimes forget that the ultimate goal is not sales, it is happy patients with healthy skin who step out into the world with bags of confidence.

This advertorial was written by Dr Kam and Emma Bracey-Wright and supplied by GetHarley


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