Embracing Electromagnetic Energy Transfer in 360-degree Body Sculpting

Aesthetics is hosting a free online webinar on non-thermal lasers in partnership with Erchonia Lasers Ltd on April 1 at 2pm GMT.

Clinical consultant Dr Robert Sullivan will be discussing how non-thermal lasers are a benefit in maintaining good health as well as providing a clinically-proven, effective alternative to body sculpting and 360-degree fat loss.

The webinar will look at how and why this modality is also essential in healthcare from fat cell management, obesity, and cellulite control, to dermatology, inflammation, and wound management.

Dr Sullivan commented, “I am excited and
honoured to speak about Erchonia and their range of Non-Thermal Low Level
Lasers (NTLLL). When I first came across NTLLL, I wanted to prove that it
couldn’t possibly work and had limited place in any field of medicine. I’m
Irish and I don’t like to be wrong, but I clearly was, and it opened my
eyes. As a surgeon, some of the things I have seen as a result of this
modality excite, surprise and inspire me. NTLLL put my post recession
practice back on the map in 2013 and changed the lives of me, my team and
most importantly, my clients. From clients with complex regional pain, to
clients with poor skin and muscle tone, to clients who have tried diets
and exercise with limited success and zero enjoyment. Join me and
see how introducing NTLLL in to your practice represents a total health
solution for your clients, a better client experience, improved client
outcomes, whilst also extending your scope of practice and improving your
bottom line.” 

Register for the webinar here

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