Allergan introduces hybrid injectable

17 May 2022

Global pharmaceutical company Allergan Aesthetics has launched HArmonyCa to the UK market, a hybrid injectable treatment combining hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA).

According to the company, HArmonyCa has a dual effect, with the HA offering immediate lift and the CaHA causing new collagen production. Allergan explains that the product is intended for facial soft tissue augmentation via injection into deep dermal and sub-dermal layers.

In a study conducted by the company, more than 90% of patients reported an improvement in the general appearance of facial areas following treatment with HArmonyCa.

Allergan notes it will provide a range of in-person and virtual training packages to support medical professionals who wish to offer HArmonyCa to their patients.

Carrie Strom, president of Global Allergan Aesthetics notes, “The launch of HArmonyCa with lidocaine represents Allergan Aesthetics’ continued commitment to providing the latest innovations, treatments and possible outcomes for patients. We are driven by leading-edge science and are continually looking to diversify our portfolio by pushing the boundaries of what non-surgical treatments can offer. We are delighted to introduce our first hybrid injectable to market and believe its potential to offer immediate lift from hyaluronic acid with the lasting collagen stimulation associated with calcium hydroxyapatite may answer some of the multi-dimensional needs of ageing skin.”


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