Allurion reaches 40,000 weight loss balloon milestone

22 Jan 2021

Medical technology manufacturer Allurion has now produced 40,000 Elipse balloons worldwide, with a 50% increase in sales year over year.

The Elipse balloon was designed to suppress patient appetite and teach portion control.

Dr David Eccleston, clinical director of MediZen clinic, commented, “Offering a full lifestyle approach to long term weight loss, the Elipse balloon has become extremely popular with my patients over the last few months, as a proven method for sustained weight loss. The non-surgical balloon is fitted as a 20-minute outpatient procedure and supported by expert dietitians. With obesity being a risk factor for heart disease, kidney problems, diabetes and cancer, but also as a predictive factor in the potential severity and outcome of COVID-19 infection, now is time for patients to make the change.”


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  • Mr Zulfiqar ali Chaudhry 28 Jan 2021 / 1:16 PM

    Fantastic technology product and simple to place in.