AlumierMD partners with Nutrition and Functional Medicine for gut health

Skincare company AlumierMD has announced a new partnership with nutrition and functional medicine representative and nutritional therapist Farzanah Nasser to promote microbiome health.

According to the company, the partnership will help provide AlumierMD users with tools and resources to provide skincare patients with bespoke advice about the connection between gut and skin health during their consultations.

Some of the tips Farzanah will share in the educational tools include mindful eating, a varied diet, reducing stress and supporting the skin microbiome with SPF.

Victoria Hiscock, AlumierMD communications manager, said, “If your patient’s overall wellbeing is balanced and underlying issues addressed, their aesthetic results will be more predictable, controlled and effective. These wellness resources will help empower practitioners to confidently discuss medical wellness as part of an aesthetic consultation.”

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