AlumierMD unveils new wellness assets

14 Mar 2023

Medical-grade skincare brand AlumierMD has launched a range of medical wellness assets to support practitioners – the Wellness Consultation Pack.

The company has identified five wellness pillars, each of which correlate with aesthetic results: hydration, hormones, gut health, stress and sleep. Each pillar corresponds with tailored tools and resources that practitioners can implement into their practice and add more value to their skincare consultations.

AlumierMD has partnered with beauty and wellness journalist Alice Hart-Davis to co-create these assets providing objective skin measures, lifestyle recommendations and treatment tips for patients. The company explains that the resources outline which products can help with hydration, tackle hormonally imbalanced skin, support the skin/gut axis and support with stressed or tired skin, while encouraging self-care.

Victoria Hiscock, AlumierMD communications manager, commented, “There is a clear link between wellness and the aesthetic of your skin. The Wellness Consultation Pack will provide you with the information you need to switch your patient assessment to patient education. For example, before you tackle your patients’ dark circles, you could discuss sleep hygiene and practices.”     


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