Anatomy masterclass took place by IBSA in Milan

Pharmaceutical company IBSA Derma held an anatomy masterclass for selected practitioners from the UK in Milan, Italy.

The event featured two days of training led by plastic and aesthetic surgeons Dr Fabio Ingallina, Dr Filippo Brighetti and Dr Giovanni Salti.

The topics presented included an understanding of anatomy to optimise injection techniques, danger zones to be aware of, live dissections and discussions of techniques for the upper third, mid-third, lower third of the face, nose, lips and neck.

Delegates also had the opportunity to undergo hands-on sessions under supervision for better understanding and to improve their skills using Aliaxin dermal fillers, adds IBSA Derma.

Gabriel Ghinea, an
independent nurse prescriber who attended the masterclass, said, “The
organisation was impeccable, and the level of information received from the
medical faculty team was priceless. Thank you for this opportunity.”

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