ASA rules on collagen skincare supplement brand

22 Jul 2019

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld its decision for skincare supplement brand Dermacoll to revoke marketing claims in regards to a collagen drink it was promoting on its website.

In March 2018 there were complaints made about claims made on the website, which featured a slide of different images and text about the product. The complainant, a dermatology consultant, challenged whether the following claims breached the Code: “Through supplementing our diet with extra collagen, we can help to combat skin ageing”, “Plump and fill out fine lines”, “strengthen your skin from the outside in”, “Drench and hydrate your skin”, and “Reduce wrinkles with this anti-ageing drink.”

Dermacoll, which also trades as HealthArena Ltd, provided various papers that related to the use of hydrolysed collagen peptides to treat antiageing, wrinkles and other skin-health related issues and confirmed they were willing to remove the claims from their website.

The ASA stated that the ad must not appear again in the form complained about. They stated, “We told Dermacoll to ensure that future ads did not make efficacy claims about the cosmetic effects of Dermacoll in relation to antiageing and reducing wrinkles unless they held adequate documentary evidence to substantiate them. We also told them to ensure that claims about the general benefits of their product for overall good skin health were accompanied by an authorised specific health claim, and that any specific health claims in the ads were authorised on the EU Register and appropriately worded.”


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