BAAPS issues warning against online consultations

27 Jul 2020

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has reported an increase in demand of 60-70% for virtual consultations, but urges patients and surgeons not to place convenience over safety.

BAAPS vice president and consultant plastic surgeon Miss Mary O'Brien said, “If patients are booking Zoom consultations with surgeons based a significant distance away from where they live, there needs to be consideration of where the actual surgery will take place and how they can access post-operative care in the event of a complication if they have been treated a long distance away.”

In order to encourage patients to come into the clinic, BAAPS advises making protocols clear. For example, a period of isolation before surgery and taking nasal swabs two days before an operation. Surgeons are also encouraged to be tested themselves to make sure they are not infected with the virus.

BAAPS president and consultant plastic surgeon Mr Paul Harris commented, “These extra layers of protection from reputable surgeons ensure that patients get good outcomes while at the same time preserving their safety. This may result in more inconvenience for patients and staff, as well as delays in planning any surgery. However, these factors are inherent in maintaining safety for patients in the new coronavirus world.”


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