Body Dysmorphic Disorder discussed on BBC

29 Apr 2022

Nurse prescriber and clinical lead of the Clinical Advisory Board Sharon Bennett appeared on BBC Breakfast on April 26 to discuss mental health issues in aesthetics and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

Bennett appeared with Charlie King from TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’, who had recently opened up about his BDD battle with aesthetic procedures, noting the importance of practitioners and the industry in implementing a stricter safeguarding consultation tool.

Bennett said, “I have a consultation tool that I use to assess my patients. It is difficult as we are not mental health practitioners, however, the tool does exactly what Charlie was talking about. We talk about ‘how many times do you look in the mirror’, ‘how many selfies do you take a day’. All of these questions are important and are red flags to us. If we decide to not treat a patient, then we should be referring to them someone who can help and have a referral process in place.”


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