Brand new breast implant launches

13 Oct 2020

Silicone breast implant manufacturer GC Aesthetics Ltd has launched PERLE, a new novel round breast implant.

According to the company PERLE uses BioQ-Surface, which is developed with reverse surface technology, allowing for reduced inflammation, easier placement and incision, as well as lower risk of capsular contracture. The implant also has emunomic breast tissue dynamic gel, a protective GCA 360 barrier that inhibits gel diffusion and an enhanced GCA ultra-link shell to prevent fractures.

Carlos Reis Pinto, CEO at GC Aesthetics said, “With PERLE, we complete our range of breast implants to best suit each patient’s and plastic surgeon’s individual needs. We back our commitment of being a global medical device company focused on aesthetic surgery, women’s health and patient security through a broad portfolio of secure and innovative solutions.”

GC Aesthetics states that PERLE breast implants are covered by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty; a lifetime warranty on all GC Aesthetics’ breast implants.


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