Brand new muscle stimulation device launches in the UK

28 Oct 2020

The manufacturers of the Dermalux LED systems Aesthetic Technology Ltd has introduced the CM Slim Contour Master to its portfolio and will be the exclusive UK distributor for the electromagnetic body contouring device.

According to the company, the device uses high intensity electromagnetic muscle training (HI-EMT) to target the stomach, buttocks, arms or legs to simultaneously increase muscle and decrease fat. Aesthetic Technology Ltd states that the technology causes 30,000 contractions per every 30 minutes and recommends four to six sessions to achieve optimum results.

The Contour Master package also includes a chair targeted to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Louise Taylor, founder and director of Aesthetic Technology Ltd said, “The medical device industry is a fast-moving market and we recognise that partnering with stand-out products enables us to bring solutions to market faster which helps our clients stay ahead. As an IS013485 Medical Device manufacturer, we offer assurance that any products distributed under the ATL name have been through strict due diligence to ensure, compliance, safety and efficacy.”


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