Cambridge Stratum upgrades Stratum 8 device

24 Jul 2019

The Stratum 8 device by medical equipment supplier Cambridge Stratum now includes a pico-second laser for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal.

The Stratum 8 is a multifunction platform machine that includes a 980ps pulse duration 1064/532 nm laser, capable of delivering 400mJ (single pulse) and 800mJ (dual pulse) at up to 10HZ, for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal, according to Cambridge Stratum.

This upgraded Stratum 8 also includes other treatment heads, which include Er:Yag, Er:Glass, long pulse Nd:Yag, intense pulse light/enhanced pulse light, bi-polar radiofrequency and mono-polar radiofrequency.

John Culbert, CEO of Cambridge Stratum, said, “Our aim is to provide customers with the best aesthetic equipment at affordable prices. The inclusion of a picosecond laser for tattoo removal in this platform machine means that for many clinics it will cover all their needs for some considerable time. Adding further heads really is plug and play and the space/cost savings are considerable”


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