Clinisept+ rebrands

29 Jul 2021

Product manufacturer Clinical Health Technologies is updating the name and packaging for the Clinisept+ aesthetics range in early autumn.

To mark the fifth anniversary of Clinisept+, the Prep and Procedure and Aftercare will both be renamed to Clinisept+ Skin. The product will still be available in the large 490ml bottle as well as the 100ml take home size. The 490ml bottle has been updated with an improved pump dispenser, allowing for better controlled dispensing, explains the company. The products also have new labelling displaying additional information regarding the products, to help practitioners easily explain them to their patients.

Ross Walker, director of Clinical Health Technologies, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Clinisept+ Skin range, which is more contemporary in design and takes into account clinic feedback. As part of the update, we have also decided to stop providing the 100ml bottle in a cardboard carton – which looks nice but fulfils no purpose once the carton is opened.”

The new Clinisept+ range can be purchased from all major aesthetic distributors, including Wigmore Medical, AestheticSource, Healthxchange and Church Pharmacy.    


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