Croma Pharma introduces new face mask

26 Nov 2020

Medical aesthetic product manufacturer Croma Pharma has launched a new liquid skin mask called Pure HA.

According to the company the product is formulated using 1.8% hyaluronic acid and is designed to provide the skin with hydration.

Nina McMurray, country manager, commented, “Pure HA is produced in a sterile and highly professional glass container, and can be used to enhance in-clinic aesthetic procedures, targeting skin quality and enhanced hydration. This can be built into a number of in clinic procedures, allowing the clinicians to offer a pharmaceutical approach to a post-treatment skincare protocol at home. The patient can take away the three remaining HA face masks as part of their ongoing post-treatment protocol. We are pleased to be able to launch this popular product into the UK market.”

Croma Pharma confirms that the product is suitable for all skin types.


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