Croma-Pharma releases new detox mask

13 Jan 2023

Aesthetic pharmaceutical company Croma-Pharma has unveiled its new detox face mask.

According to the company, the mask aims to purify the skin and provide a smooth-looking and radiant skin appearance. The sheet material is made of 40% charcoal powder to provide the benefits of charcoal without creating a mess.

Key ingredients include bakuchiol, white willow bark and magnolia leaf for gentle exfoliation; charcoal powder to remove impurities from the skin; hyaluronic acid and poly-y-glutamic acid to hydrate, plump and reduce dryness as well as nutgrass to help smooth skin texture, the company explains.

Dr Amiee Vyas, aesthetic practitioner, said, “The detox mask is a great addition for congested and blemish prone skin. It is particularly useful for those patients that experience dehydration with their breakouts and for those that may be using prescription preparations as it leaves the skin calm, supple and moisturised post-use.”   

The masks will be launching at the beginning of February.  


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