Cutera Medical launches new device

18 Jun 2019

Laser and light-based medical provider Cutera Medical Ltd has introduced an updated version of the Excel V laser, called the Excel V+ for vascular and pigmentary conditions.

It features a 1064 nm wavelength and 532 nm wavelength and spot sizes up to 16mm. According to Cutera, the device can address superficial and deep vascular lesions, pigment and skin revitalisation concerns with a high safety margin.

Tim Tailor, UK country manager for Cutera Medical, said, “The new Excel V+ is a really exciting platform. The Excel V, in itself, was already a great vascular platform. What we have done is added more spot sizes for faster treatments and deeper penetrations of the lasers, for longer lasting results and we can get to really hard to get places like around the nose and thread vessels. Treatment is also a lot faster when you are doing full face treatments for skin rejuvenation. The Excel V+ also features the new Green Genesis micro-pulsed 532 nm treatment, which is going to be even better for addressing redness and rosacea. You can also combine the Green Genesis with your standard Laser Genesis for a lovely facial.”


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