Dr Jinah Yoo Clinic, London

13 May 2022

Consultant dermatologist Dr Jinah Yoo opened up her clinic on April 26 for an intimate session to showcase the new radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device Sylfirm X.

The event began with a talk by aesthetic practitioner and founder of the Sylfirm X device Dr Jongju Na who outlined his method for a safer and more effective treatment. Dr Na discussed how to use the device, explained why it is different from other RF microneedling treatments on the market and what skin conditions the device can help solve.

Dr Na proceeded to use the device on a melasma patient to highlight the various modalities and uses of the device.

Jim Westwood, company director at Novus Medical who are distributing the product, said, “The Sylfirm X is a heavy weight in the RF microneedling area due to its pioneering pulse wave technology and patented delivery system. Not only does it provide additional treatment options for indications such as melasma, rosacea and PIH, the treatment is delivered pain free which is unique and class leading.” 


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