Dr Preema Vig hosts the first truSculpt flex launch event in Europe

16 Oct 2020

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Preema Vig, laser manufacturer Cutera and PR consultant Jenny Pabila hosted a press launch for the truSculpt flex at the Dr Preema London clinic. It was the first live event in Europe that launched Cutera’s new truSculpt flex device.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event ran in two rooms, with Dr Vig alternating between the two and the Cutera team briefing attendees and answering any technical questions.

A total of five journalists attended with each press appointment calculated as taking a 90 to 120-minute duration from arrival to departure, and Cutera explains that each route was sanitised in preparation for the next attendee.

Dr Vig commented, “I found COVID-19 lockdown particularly frustrating as the Cutera truSculpt flex was one of the devices I had invested in promoting and showcasing as one of my hero treatments for 2020, and with the national lockdown imposed I realised I had to think differently to build brand awareness and demand from existing and new patients.” She added, “With so many journalists still shielding and respect for the government guidelines, we decided to follow the COVID-19 social distancing protocols for the launch event and spaced the treatments out and utilised two treatment rooms and different routes through the clinic to ensure the journalists didn’t cross paths.”

Sam Keene, Cutera marketing manager, said, “As a brand, we were delighted to be involved in a COVID-19 secure press launch event – especially as lockdown was imposed shortly after we announced the launch of truSculpt flex and were not able to execute any activity ourselves. We could see that Dr Vig and Jenny took the challenge head-on, which resonates strongly with Cutera as a leading aesthetic technology brand. It was particularly exciting for us as this was not only the first COVID-19 secure press launch in the UK – but also in Europe as a global lockdown was imposed within weeks of the device launch.”


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