ESK Skincare launches in the UK with informative breakfast

Medical-grade skincare company ESK Skincare has officially launched in the UK with an educational breakfast event.

Members of the press were invited to salon and café Linnaean in London to hear from Australian skin practitioner and founder Dr Ginni Mansberg about the brand’s skincare properties.

She shared that she and her husband Daniel Mansberg were inspired to establish the company to create a source of evidence-based products for a range of skin concerns. In fact, the brand’s motto is Evidence, Efficacy, Integrity.

Dr Mansberg shared insights on a variety of active ingredients and what indications they can be used to treat, with a particular focus on retinals, vitamins A and C and SPF agents.

According to the company, ESK offers kits with products to target specific complaints including pigmentation, menopausal skin, acne, dry skin, pregnancy and more.

After the event, Dr Mansberg reflected, “I am thrilled that our recent press event was a resounding success. At ESK, we strive for hard evidence, credibility and trustworthiness, and this event allowed us to demonstrate these core values first-hand. From product demos to insightful presentations, we provided a holistic experience tailored to individual skin concerns. The event fostered a sense of community, and we are grateful for the overwhelming support and look forward to continuing our journey towards healthier, happier skin together, here in the UK and globally.”

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