First ready-to-use toxin to launch

22 Jun 2021

Pharmaceutical company Galderma has confirmed the first ready-to-use liquid neuromodulator has completed its European decentralised trial in Europe.

Unlike other botulinum toxin on the market, Alluzience does not require reconstitution before its use. The company claims that this will enable healthcare professionals to avoid complex calculations, allowing for more precision, optimised results and higher patient satisfaction.

According to Galderma, Alluzience is intended for use in adult patients to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines. The European Marketing Authorization Application of Alluzience supplied data from two trials of 372 patients with moderate to severe glabellar lines who were treated with either Alluzience or placebo. The data showed that the majority patients reported an effect within two to three days, including 23% of patients within one day. An effect was demonstrated for up to six months after injection with Alluzience. The responder rate at day 29 was higher for patients treated with Alluzience compared to the placebo.

Dr Joanna Czuwara, associate professor in the department of dermatology at Warsaw Medical University, said, “The introduction of Alluzience marks a new era in treatment innovation for upper facial lines in Europe. Like many aspects of physical appearance, glabellar lines can have a significant impact on patients’ confidence. Alluzience will allow me to optimise results and deliver patient satisfaction with more precision.”

Alexandre Brennan, head of the global business unit at Galderma, stated, “At Galderma we pride ourselves on developing innovative products that meet today’s needs. We know how advantageous it is for practitioners to have access to a ready-to-use liquid formulation in Alluzience. It’s for this reason that this news is an important milestone for both patients and healthcare professionals.”

National approvals will now take place across Europe in-line with local processes in each country. Galderma confirms that it will likely be available in the UK by 2022 but is subject to change depending on the UK regulatory approval processes.


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