Get Harley offers customers free shipping

04 Nov 2020

Skincare platform Get Harley is enabling practitioners to offer free shipping to all patients over the next month.

The company explains this has been set up to help its customers gain income during the upcoming lockdown period.

Charmaine Chow, CEO of Get Harley, commented, “We are disheartened that we have another impending national lockdown. The first one had a significant impact on our community of excellent practitioners. All we want to do is help in any way we can, so we have immediately actioned ways in which we can make this period a bit easier, better and brighter for all our customers. We initially planned it to be for 72 hours so practitioners can get their patients all on plans that generate auto-replenishments and therefore income during the closed period, but due to an overwhelming demand, we have decided to extend it for the rest of November.”


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