GetHarley to distribute Meder Beauty

Skincare platform GetHarley has partnered with skincare line Meder Beauty.

According to the company, products and ranges are designed for specific skin concerns, and include the Red Apax for redness, Hydra-Fill for hydration, Lipo Oval for facial slimming, the peptide cream Myo Fix Concentrate to reduce deep wrinkles and lines on the forehead and around the eyes, Circa-Night Cream to rejuvenate the skin and the antiageing oil Vita-Long Oil. Meder Beauty states the formulations are suitable for women throughout pregnancy and nursing.

Dr Tiina Meder, founder of Meder Beauty, commented, “We are thrilled to now be selling Meder Beauty through GetHarley as the platform houses the best skin professionals who are so knowledgeable about skin. After training with us, we trust them to recommend the best Meder products to their patients via the GetHarley platform and we are comfortable that our brand is presented to customers in the most premium way.”

GetHarley will be at CCR in October.      

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