HydraFacial and Davinia Taylor share biohacking knowledge

On September 8, HydraFacial UK held a biohacking breakfast talk with wellness author and former Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor.

Hosted by television personality Paul Wharton at HydraFacial’s London flagship store, Taylor shared her experience of tackling low mood and weight gain through diet and lifestyle changes such as exercise and intermittent fasting, alongside supplements and bespoke hormones.

Taylor commented, “I think that skincare actually starts on the inside, and I found a huge difference in my skin quality when I started adding collagen to my tea and coffee, and also increasing the fat content in my diet and removing of vegetables and seed oil which, to me, is worse than sugar.”

Lauren Gibson, HydraFacial country manager for the UK and Ireland, also spoke on how the brand is looking to embrace a holistic wellness approach to skin, hair and body health.

Gibson said, “HydraFacial is all about how we approach 360-degree wellness and a holistic approach to skincare. You can have a HydraFacial on the face, back and arms or in the scalp, using our boosters to make sure we’re taking the skin to that next level. For example, our boosters have got peptides in, like Davinia said about taking collagen in your coffee. It’s all about mimicking the body to make sure that the treatment isn’t artificial or chemical. Watch this space for more boosters coming soon!”

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