Infrared Body Wrap launches in UK

26 Mar 2019

Aesthetic device distributor and manufacturer Formostar UK has launched its Infrared Body Wrap Systems.

The devices use far infrared technology to increase cellular vibration, aiming to breakdown larger fat deposits. According to Formostar UK, continuous vibration of the body’s molecules can increase dermis temperature, improve lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation and activate metabolism in tissues and cells. As a result, the company claims the device can stimulate weight loss and body contouring, as well as assisting with pain relief and improve skin tone.

The device comes in three different systems, Formostar Professional Digital, offering a controller with a stainless-steel design and six terminals for different areas on the body for the arm, thigh, buttocks and abdomen; Formostar Standard, which features four terminals for the thigh, buttocks and abdomen; and Formostar Standard Plus, providing six terminals. The devices will be distributed exclusively by Formostar UK.

Amandeep Walia, director at Formostar UK, said, “I installed the first system in a clinic in the UK and it has been a great success with aesthetic and pain management weekly bookings. There is no other similar system in the UK.” 


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