JCCP introduces fast track assessment for cosmetic practitioners

05 Apr 2019

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has introduced a new process for practitioners who are already registered with a professional statutory regulatory body (PSRB) to join the voluntary register.

The JCCP recognises that there are many existing cosmetic practitioners who have developed and acquired knowledge through a wide range of experiential and more formal learning who may not wish to undertake a regulated qualification, which is required for others wanting to join the register.

With this in mind, they have created a process called Fast Track Assessment (FTA) for those who wish to demonstrate that they have an equivalent level of knowledge, skill and competence.

For practitioners interested in this, they will be required to register with a JCCP approved FTA centre (run by an approved JCCP education and training provider) and attend a session that outlines the assessment process and outcome standards.

Practitioners must provide information to support their existing FTA application, such as certificates, clinical placements and testimonials. As well as this, they will be given guidance on the format of the assessment and the required level of understand they will be expected to have. They will then complete a test under time-constrained examination conditions and a test of competence through an appropriate clinical assessment. They must pass both the knowledge and competency test.

Professor David Sines, chair of the JCCP, commented, “This acknowledges that whilst practitioners may have differing routes of learning, they potentially have achieved and can demonstrate the same level of knowledge, skills and competence in order to protect their patients and the public.”

The JCCP Trustee Board has approved this new assessment process and is currently seeking consultative feedback from practitioners and other stakeholders over the next six weeks with the intention of implementing an agreed FTA centre process by the end of June 2019. The JCCP aspires to have a FTA centre in each region of the UK.


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