JCCP launches online incident reporting system

12 May 2023

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has launched a new online system for aesthetic practitioners, industry figures and patients to log complaints or other issues related to aesthetic medicine.

According to the JCCP, the system is designed to effectively collate anonymised complaints and issues through a formalised and searchable provision. A JCCP Complaints Team processes the site’s submissions, compiling ‘clusters’ of similar complaints when applicable in order to identify recurrent themes and matters of concern. The data is finally subjected to a thematic analysis to assist in service improvement across the sector, according to the organisation.

The JCCP has been assisted by Dr Steven Land and Emma Stock throughout the process of setting up the system, with the aim of ensuring it is beneficial for practitioners in practice.

There has been a certain amount of confusion among some practitioners about whether the domain is being run by Hamilton Fraser cosmetic insurance, but chair of the JCCP Professor David Sines has confirmed that the Hamilton Fraser provider hosting the website is a separate entity to the insurance company. He says the system has no affiliation with Hamilton Fraser insurance, and any data collected is not shared with the company’s database.

Professor Sines commented, “We consider that the implementation of the new JCCP complaints portal will make it much easier for members of the public and practitioners to report issues of concern for further investigation, thus improving patient safety and raising awareness of how our services can be improved across the sector.”

The JCCP is looking to set up a subcommittee to look specifically into clinical complaints of poor practice going forward. Aesthetics will report on any updates as they arise.    


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