JCCP publishes prescribing guidance

19 Aug 2019

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has published new guidance for responsible prescribing for cosmetic practitioners.

In a statement released by the JCCP and Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA), they confirmed that they do not endorse or permit the remote prescribing of any prescription medicine when used ‘specifically’ for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

In circumstances when a prescriber delegates treatment to other practitioners, the JCCP highlights that the patient remains under the oversight of the prescriber, requiring that the prescriber must be familiar with the patient through an initial face-to-face consultation and diagnostic assessment. This applies to all prescription only medicines used specifically for cosmetic purposes whether they be injectable, topical or oral, the JCCP stated.

Alberto Costa, South Leicestershire MP and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Wellbeing and Aesthetics said he is in support of the new guidance. Costa said, “Remote prescribing for non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be unsafe and harmful and should not be used under any circumstances. This is a great first step to further protect consumers who choose to undergo non-surgical cosmetic procedures.”

Costa added, “This will help to close the ‘loopholes’ that currently exist in which injectables, which are prescribed by healthcare professionals, can be remotely prescribed and delegated to anyone without first assuring that professional face-to-face patient assessment and clinical oversight is provided in all circumstances.”

The new guidance has also been reviewed with the General Medical Council and the General Dental Council, which have confirmed it is consistent with their own.

Professor David Sines, executive chair of the JCCP added, “The publication of our guidance on ‘Responsible Prescribing for Cosmetic Practitioners’ demonstrates our commitment to signposting and promoting safe and effective practice within the aesthetic sector. We commend the adoption and application of this Guidance Statement in accordance with our shared aim of protecting the public.”

The guidance can be accessed on the JCCP website


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