LABthetics launches new chemical peels

20 Aug 2021

Skincare company LABthetics has introduced two new chemical peels to its portfolio.

The first peel named the Salicylic acid 10% is aimed to treat acne, control sebaceous secretion, reduce pore size, even skin tone, and help with acne scarring. The peel is combined with a salicylic cleanser to use at home as a preparation product.

The second peel is the Jessner, which is a blend of glycolic, lactic and kojic acids to remove the superficial layers of the skin, dry out active acne, reduce wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation and improve the appearance of sun damaged, acne prone skin. The peel is combined with an at-home brightening barrier cream to focus on the active ingredients in the peel, explains LABthetics.

Emma Caine, founder of LABthetics commented, “The launch of our new peels is an exciting addition to our portfolio as our approach the chemical peel season. The peels have been formulated to achieve results and not trigger the inflammatory cascade causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with skin peels. We have some more exciting products launching later this autumn.”


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