LGBTQ+ community gains support through #IAMME Living foundation

17 Nov 2022

The LGBTQ+ community now has access to crucial health, wellbeing and aesthetic services thanks to the launch of the new #IAMME Living foundation.

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Vincent Wong and gut health and wellness practitioner Dr Sunni Patel officially launched the foundation at an event held at ME Aesthetic Lounge in London on October 28. The event welcomed supporters and members of the LGBTQ+ community and was hosted by Miss Universe Great Britain 2022 Noky Simbani.

Dr Wong and Dr Patel explained that the mission of #IAMME Living is to provide holistic care to the queer community as well as general queer health awareness and training for healthcare professionals and organisations. The services include medical aesthetics, wellbeing, mental health, primary care and surgery.

Dr Wong said, “As members of the queer community we started noticing that many people are unable to access and take full advantage of holistic care that is sometimes felt reserved for the wealthy, cis-gendered or the heteronormative space. As two leaders in their fields fuelled by a passion to do better, we created #IAMME Living to set the foundation of better queer health and care.”

The foundation has two advisory boards. The first is a community advisory board consisting of members of the community to identify gaps in healthcare and the second is a professional advisory board to help provide services to those who are in need and can’t afford treatments.

According to Dr Wong and Dr Patel, their vision is for the foundation to eventually go global. Dr Wong added, “This launch is such a big moment for our team, for the foundation and for the LGBTQ+ community. There is a lot of data suggesting that there is a limitation of access to healthcare for this community and a lot of these needs aren’t met by the NHS. We would like to allow people to feel better, be healthy and be their true self and our vision is to be the trusted health and care provider worldwide.”


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