Lutronic launch LaseMD device

Laser and energy-device company Lutronic has introduced the LaseMD skin resurfacing device to its portfolio.

The company explains that the technology allows practitioners to offer skin resurfacing to all patients regardless of skin type. The device has been cleared for actinic keratosis, benign pigmented lesions and a variety of other conditions.

Lutronic outlines that a line of formulated ampoules, masks and creams can be used to enhance the LaseMD experience. The ampoules feature vitamin C, vitamin A, resveratrol and tranexamic acid, and as they have been activated in-clinic through the centrifuge within the device, can be taken home by the patient to complement their treatment.

Sales director for
Lutronic, Paul Talbot, said, “The LaseMD really is unique and the feedback from
our existing customers across the globe reflects this. The release of LaseMD is
just the latest in many exciting developments from Lutronic and we’re so
excited to be able to share this with the aesthetics community.”     

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