MAG to supply anti-cellulite wear

22 Jan 2019

Aesthetic product supplier Medical Aesthetic Group (MAG) is now suppling the CRYSTALSMOOTH range of anti-cellulite clothing by compression garment company Macom Medical.

The range aims to improve skin elasticity and leave skin looking healthier and smoother. The company explains that the garments are made from emana fibre, a fabric that is woven with bioactive crystals that absorb body heat and return in the form of far infrared rays. These rays aim to stimulate blood microcirculation, cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage. Macom Medical claims the CRYSTALSMOOTH range also enhances the results of professional cellulite and firming treatments, including radiofrequency devices, mesotherapy injections, ultrasound technologies, infrared, laser and cavitation therapies.

For more information please visit the Medical Aesthetic Group website directly.


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