Map My Mole service offers virtual skin cancer screening

11 Sep 2023

A new service Map My Mole has launched in the UK, providing quick screening of potential skin cancer.

Map My Mole is an app-based service whereby users are sent a clip on dermoscope that is a registered class 1 medical device to photograph suspicious moles or lesions. These dermoscopic images are then sent to be assessed by a consultant dermatologist.

The service will be available for patients to use at home, but clinics can also establish a partnership with Map My Mole to provide their patients with quick cancer checks.

Dr Toby Nelson, consultant dermatologist and co-founder of Map My Mole, said, “The aesthetics industry already does a huge amount to promote good skin care, including the need to avoid excessive sun damage. Practitioners in these clinics are used to looking at people's skin, and will have a deep understanding about what looks normal and what should get checked. Aesthetic clinics partnering with Map My Mole can provide an easily accessible, fast and safe way of getting a worrying skin lesion checked by leading experts.”

He continued, “By providing a mole checking service, it will bring in new clients to participating clinics, and ensure any clinics treating skin lesions can get the experts sign off prior to treatment. I believe the aesthetic industry could come to the rescue of both GPs and dermatology departments struggling to see patients with skin lesions of concern.”


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