Meder Beauty Science launches DIY Facial Kits

09 Mar 2021

Swiss professional skincare brand Meder Beauty Science has released six facial kits for at-home use.

The launch allow accessibility to Meder Beauty Science treatment whilst face-to-face services are currently out of reach. The kits come in pharmaceutical standard single-dose tubes and sachets and are carefully measured to deliver the precise amount of active ingredients, according to the company.

Each kit is designed to target a different skin treatment for patients to choose from. The kits include frown control (Myo-Fix Kit), de-puffing (Lipo-Oval Kit), prebiotic anti-acne (Eu-Seb Kit), aging (Arma-Lift Kit), redness (Red-Apax Kit) and deep hydration (Hydra-Fill Kit). Inside each kit contains enough product for five facials to be performed once a week and one full-size bottle of active concentrate to use daily in-between facials.

Dr Tiina Meder, founder and CEO of Meder Beauty Science, commented, “We only ever use ingredients with proven safety, sustainability, effective, responsibly sourced and cruelty-free. We believe that age isn’t something to be scared of. What we offer instead is support and care to help their skin look and feel healthy at any time in life.” 


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