Medik8 launches in-clinic skincare programme

16 Dec 2019

UK skincare manufacturer Medik8 has launched a new 12-week programme of six in-clinic peels tailored to specific concerns, called 12 Weeks to WOW.

This, the company states, should be combined with a prescribed at-home regime of its vitamin c, sunscreen and vitamin A products.

Patients begin the journey with a pre-peel consultation where they will receive products to prepare the skin. Over the six peel treatments, practitioners have a choice of nine peels to treat skin concerns, which can be increased in strength and layered for maximum results.

The final appointment, called the WOW Reveal, is where patients will be able to measure their results by comparing photos taken in their first consultation. In order to maintain results, a Medik8 Lifestyle Programme will then be advised.


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