MHRA to offer industry support at ACE

A representative from the Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will be visiting ACE 2023 on March 10-11 to offer advice and support to both practitioners and companies working within aesthetic medicine.

For the first time, the MHRA will have a booth at the Aesthetics Members’ lounge to give visitors the opportunity to speak to a representative about choosing reputable products and suppliers and the dangers behind counterfeit products. The MHRA representative will also have examples of counterfeit products that have been seized in the past to showcase the difficulties behind identifying genuine goods.

The MHRA’s medical device compliance officer will also offer advice and guidance to manufacturers and distributors selling medical devices, as well as ensuring exhibitors are compliant with medical device regulations.

By UK law, all manufacturers of medical devices offered or exhibited for supply in UK must be registered with the MHRA and nearly all devices are publicly available and published online.

If any exhibitors are found not to be compliant or are operating illegally, for example, they are promoting medical products that are not registered with the MHRA or have fake UKCA/CE/EC certificates, then products will be seized.

Courtney LeBorgne, event director of Aesthetics, said, “As both media providers and event organisers, we at Aesthetics, take regulation, upholding standards and ensuring patient safety seriously. We are excited to have the MHRA accept our invitation to come back at ACE 2023 as this allows us to ensure that exhibitors are upholding these standards themselves and are being compliant with the industry regulations. It also ensures that we are helping the aesthetic community stay educated with the importance of choosing reputable suppliers for their businesses.”

A spokesperson from the MHRA stated, “We are really looking forward to attending ACE 2023 to support those working within the medical aesthetic community to purchase legitimate, properly-sourced products which comply with the UK regulations. We will also be on hand to answer any questions relating to new Medical Device Regulations that the UK Government intends to introduce by Spring 2023, which will likely be in force by July 2024.”

ACE 2023 will take place at the Business Design Centre in London on March 10-11. Click here to register for free. 

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