New aesthetic consulting service MiViVa launches

01 Apr 2021

MiViVa, a new specialised consulting service targeted at the private aesthetics sector has been launched by Stuart Rose, previously managing director of Merz Pharma UK.

MiViVa’s foundational culture and strategy approach has been created to provide advice in which aesthetic practices can build a more cohesive, purposeful and effective business.

Aimed primarily at established, full-time clinic owners with staff, MiViVa is launching three online foundational culture modules this month. The core module, called Creating a Culture for Success, aims to help define and establish your own winning culture to increase staff performance and profitability. The Recruitment and Retention module will tell you how to hire and keep great staff and the final module, Performance Management, aims to help promote authentic business growth.

MiViVa has tailored an introductory module (Foundational Culture Light Touch) launching in July, for those new to aesthetic medicine which covers all three modules, but with an emphasis on creating a culture for success.

Rose commented, “I’m passionate about the impact that culture and strategy can have on a business. I’ve learnt some valuable lessons, allowing me to develop a set of skills and techniques to spot, nurture, develop and retain talent, creating the right environment to let it flourish. That environment, or culture, can truly transform a business.” 

Editor and content manager of Aesthetics, Chloé Gronow, was invited to a taster session of MiViVa earlier this week. She said, "It was great to learn more about this interactive service that aims to offer private medical practitioners the opportunity to start building their success immediately. Stuart shared lots of valuable tips and tricks to enhance revenue while saving time, but what I found most interesting was his approach to recruitment and retention. He presented statistics that suggest it can take eight months for a new team member to become operationally effective, the expense of replacing someone, and how a good on boarding process will mean 69% of staff members will stay with a company for three+ years. The MiViVa course aims to provide valuable advice on how to ensure you get this right!" 

She continued, "Stuart also shared recommendations on making your business vision clear, with a focus on culture rather than making money, commenting that a clearly articulated mission can have a profound impact on your success. All in all, a really valuable tool for clinic owners."


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