New app launches to help convert toxin units

Training provider The Botulinum Toxin Club has unveiled a new app to help practitioners convert units of botulinum toxin.

The ‘Botulinum Toxin Converter’ will work out the units of toxin for practitioners within a second, regardless of the brand or how much diluent is used for reconstitution.

Dr Harry Singh, founder of the Botulinum Toxin Club, said, “I receive messages on a weekly basis and also noticed daily posts in aesthetics social media groups, where practitioners are looking to change toxin brands and are unsure of the quantities and units for each specific brand when mixed with a certain amount of diluent. Therefore, I’ve produced an app, free of charge, that will allow any practitioner within seconds to determine the exact units of toxin they will be injecting, irrelevant of the brand they are using.”

The app is free to download on Apple Store and
Google Play Store now.     

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