New eczema book for patients launches

Consultant dermatologist Dr Amélie Seghers has released a practical guide on how patients can manage dry, itchy and inflamed skin.

Dr Seghers explains that ECZEMA How to Ditch the Itch will discuss how to identify eczema triggers. The book explores soap use, showers, scratching, mosquitos, friction, drooling, teething, vaccines, microbiome, clothing, and sunscreen.

Dr Seghers commented, “Because a 20-minute appointment for an eczema diagnosis will never be long enough for any doctor to give a thorough assessment, I have written ECZEMA How to Ditch the Itch to equip patients with everything I wish they knew about eczema to help them understand, manage and control the symptoms. I believe that knowledge is power and understanding eczema is the key to unlocking the most effective diagnosis and treatment path.”

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