New hair growth device released

09 Apr 2021

Aesthetic device distributor Beautyform Medical has launched a new device to help stimulate hair growth.

According to the company, Tricopat combines pressure waves to promote cell regeneration and vascularisation. It uses electro stimulation for improving the blood microcirculation, Iontophoresis to deliver growth factors deep into the skin, as well as controlled micro-incisions which stimulate fibroblasts to produce type-3 collagen. Blue and red LED is also used to promote tissue repair and improve collagen reproduction.

Beautyform medical explains that the protocol consists of four sessions carried out every three weeks, with each session lasting for 20 minutes.

Erkan Guroy, director of Beautyform Medical, commented, "We are extremely excited to introduce the Tricopat device. We believe in delivering our customers with revolutionary technologies so they can consistently deliver outstanding results. Tricopat is a highly advanced hair treatment device with a versatility that is unmatched. We believe that Tricopat will shortly become a popular alternative for hair treatments.” 


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