New injectable AiLEENE unveiled

23 Aug 2023

UK distributor LPharm Overseas has launched its new hyaluronic acid dermal filler AiLEENE by Korea’s bio-regenerative medical company CGBio.

According to the company, AiLEENE is a multi-layered phasic filler which combines highly viscous monophasic fillers and elastic biphasic fillers. The filler’s crosslinking ratio, which indicates the degree of transformation from natural hyaluronic acid, is significantly lower at 2%, adds the company.

AiLEENE has three different products in its portfolio, depending on viscosity and elasticity for the treatment area. Vol#1 is suitable for soft areas such as the forehead and under-eyes, Vol#2 can be used in areas which require volume like nasolabial folds and forehead, and Vol#3 has a high viscosity and is ideal for nose, forehead and chin.

CG Bio noted that AiLEENE obtained product approval from the Australian Federal Medical Products Administration (TGA), in addition to CE certification. 


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