New non-surgical labiaplasty method launches

05 Mar 2021

Aesthetic distributor Novus Medical has introduced a new treatment protocol for non-surgical labiaplasty using its APTOS threads.

According to the company, the Intimate Thread Lifting Method can be used for various indications, such as: postpartum changes in the vagina and perineum, hormonal changes in the skin and mucosa, increasing aesthetic appeal, ptosis and loss of shape of the labia majora, lipodystrophy, pelvic floor muscle weakness, sexual dysfunction and more.

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Paul Banwell, key opinion leader for the company, commented, “I am truly delighted to be working alongside Novus Medical as we introduce APTOS labiaplasty to the industry in the UK. We can reshape the labia with very little downtime and effectively no pain during treatment, offering a very real alternative to the gold standard that is surgery for those who want to avoid going under the knife. APTOS threads couldn’t have launched at a better time to enable practitioners to offer effective, clinically-backed treatment options for their patients.”

Novus Medical explains that this treatment can only be offered by CQC-registered doctors, and practitioners must receive official training from the company.     


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