New psychological initiative launched

07 Jul 2022

Psychologist Kimberley Cairns has launched a new wellness initiative for the aesthetics community.

The Integrated Practitioners of Aesthetic Wellness (IPAW) responds to psychological trauma in clinics across the UK, aiming to provide an emotional prevention and response service. Members of IPAW are provided with online tools and digital support to overcome psychological threats in the clinic, including eliminating psychological shock when working in real-time with an adverse event.

Members can benefit from bespoke policy and mentorship as part of its packages and have unlimited access to complication management, explains Cairns.

Cairns commented, “When undergoing treatment, a patient experiencing an adverse reaction in everyone’s worst nightmare. In the event of such a disaster, many practitioners cannot currently support patients suffering any form of psychological symptoms associated with this. As a result, the focus is on the patient’s physical injury only, and the practitioners can often be left with untreated invisible wounds themselves.”


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