New supplement range launches

04 Dec 2020

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Paul Banwell has launched a new range of supplements called ARTIS London.

Banwell explains that the supplements are aimed at general wellbeing but also focus on optimising recovery following surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Banwell explains that the Post Surgery Complex aims to promote collagen formation, enhance surgical recovery, optimise scar healing and skin health, as well as providing potent anti-oxidant support and boosting immune function. The principal components of this formulation include a potent blend of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and vitamins C and E.

The Nootropic Complex is designed to help mental wellbeing, with the formulation including l-theanine, guarana extract, caffeine, phosphatidylserine, black pepper extract, ginkgo biloba extract, L-tyrosine, green tea extracts, L-arginine, L-carnitine and grape seed extracts.

Banwell notes that other products in the ARTIS London range include the Breast Complex and the Photo-Immune Complex. These can be combined with Post Surgery Complex and Nootropic Complex following breast surgery or skin surgery, respectively, or used in isolation.

ARTIS London also has plans to release Nourish Complex, Skin, Hair and Nail Complex, Probiotic Complex and Omega Plus Complex later in 2021.

Mr Banwell commented, “We have been overwhelmed by all the positive support for ARTIS and have had amazing feedback from patients and colleagues alike. Already ARTIS is being stocked in a number of clinics and are being sold individually and part of treatment packages.”


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