New webinar launched by Nuchido

22 Mar 2022

Supplement company Nuchido Laboratories has launched a new webinar on the future of antiageing.

According to the company, the webinar describes how the future of antiageing will be driven by intracellular treatments alongside aesthetic procedures. The webinar is the third part of a CPD-accredited ‘The Future of Anti-Ageing’ series available to professionals in the aesthetics specialty.

This session is chaired by founder of the Tweakments Guide Alice Hart-Davis and features presentations from key opinion leaders and aesthetic practitioners Dr Tapan Patel and Dr Steven Land.

The panel describe the academic research and evidence supporting significant advances in cellular antiageing treatments and how cellular ageing will progress with a focus on a molecule called NAD+. During the webinar, Dr Land explains why NAD+ is an important molecule in the body and how its decline with age is associated with many of the symptoms and signs of ageing. He presents the research which describes the latest approach in improving the cell’s ability to make NAD+, a product called Nuchido TIME+.

Dr Land commented, “There is a lot of evidence out there that increasing intracellular NAD+ can slow ageing. It helps improve your patients from the inside as well as from the outside and it’s a very simple entry point into the future of antiageing medicine – something we can introduce very easily into our practice.”

The webinar can be accessed here.     


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